Five Steps to a Green Divorce

A green divorce is utilized by couples that accept the obligation to be proactive and incorporate ethical thinking. A green divorce is family-sensitive and wallet-friendly.

This comprehensive manual informs and prepares couples considering or planning a divorce.

Covers basic practical information and includes worksheets for your calculations and decision-making. Helpful chapters on reducing your “emotional footprint” and dealing with concerned family and friends.

Save hundreds of dollars by using this game-changing preparatory manual to help you set “green” boundaries and guide your professionals through “your” divorce.

Take charge of your own divorce and prepare your family for the changes related to ending a marriage.

Use this manual and “own” your divorce. It will be the defining moment in your lives.

Why we need the Green Divorce:

“My friend’s lawyer told her she could not speak to her husband during the divorce process. My friend was so conflicted about this. Another friend’s husband cut-off all the credit cards because his lawyer told him to. Both of them had teenage children that were acting out and having a very hard time. Our children were sad, that we were getting divorced, but we were able to make them feel safe and loved because we safeguarded our relationship with them and with each other as parents.”

Preparing for a Green Divorce:

Use this book to prepare for your divorce. The general information about the process will put your minds at rest from the very beginning. It will save you hundreds of dollars. Do the work yourselves and hire professionals as you need them.

This book contains so much helpful information on how to work together. The first chapter on for Better or Worse really strikes home. Your marriage is over but your grand-parenting relationship may be just beginning. You have a chance for a do–over for friendship. This chapter will help you understand how intertwined and important the relationships you have made over the years were, not only for yourselves but for your children, family and friends.

The Green Divorce is:

  • Family Friendly
  • Community Friendly
  • Wallet Friendly
  • A Healthy Alternative
  • Workplace Friendly
  • Child Friendly