About Leigh

Leigh-BlogLeigh has been providing mediation and conflict resolution services since 2003 and holds dual Masters degrees in Public Health and Social Work from Tulane University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Newcomb College. Leigh received her mediation training with Jack Heister, PhD. at the Upstate New York Mediation Training Institute and with Olivia Reul, Ph. D. and Gregory Martin, Esq at Alternative: A Center for Mediation and Training in New Hampshire.

At Harvard Law School, Leigh spent a year studying and receiving advanced training in mediation and negotiation on the interpersonal, community and institutional levels. Leigh has met the standards of Collaborative Basic Training and is an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Family Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).

As a conflict specialist Leigh trained with Tricia S. Jones, Ph.D of Temple University learning to provide training and conflict coaching services to individuals and organizations.

Leigh works both as the administrator of Mohawk Valley Mediation and as an active mediator, conflict coach, and trainer.

During the process of mediation, Leigh, her associates, and her clients work closely with lawyers, financial planners and therapists in order to provide her clients with the information they need for comprehensive divorce and post-divorce planning and decision making.