Online Conflict Coaching Sessions – FAQ’s

1. How do I schedule an online Conflict Coaching session?

First, consider which method you are most comfortable with.  Using Skype or FaceTime allows face to face communication from the comfort of your own home or office.  We are already familiar with the use of a phone or mobile phone, so many individuals simply prefer phone sessions.  You can share with Leigh when you email her which method you would like to use and she will follow-up with you.

2. What will my online Conflict Coaching session be like?

Your Conflict Coaching session will have the same attributes of a session held in person. The same principles of ethics and confidentiality will apply.

3. Will I need anything for my online Conflict Coaching session?

No, simply a comfortable chair and perhaps a cup of coffee.

4.  How soon will I be able to have my coaching session?

When Leigh gets your email she will contact you to schedule one ASAP.

5.  Is a Conflict Coaching session like counseling or therapy?

Participating in Conflict Coaching can feel therapeutic, but it is not therapy.  Your Coach will  become familiar with your situation and information, but how you work together with that information will be different.

6. How do I contact you with a question?

You are always welcome to contact Leigh via email or by phone (315)853-4033.  Feel free to leave a voice-mail.  Leigh will respond to emails and voice-mail ASAP.