Leigh Harris is an amazing person who I feel was sent to earth to help people get divorced and to teach them that divorce does not need to be an ugly word. My former wife and I got married and after several years of being together and having 3 beautiful boys we both realized we just were not meant to be together. Leigh helped my former wife and I get divorced and to still maintain a friendly co-parenting relationship for our boys. I would recommend Leigh Harris to any one who feels unhappy or trapped in their marriage and is looking for a way out that will not turn into a bitter divorce.

K.C. Stewart

Hamilton, NY

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, I have worked with many clients and professionals for the past nine years. Leigh Harris is by far the most qualified, skilled and compassionate mediator I have ever worked with.

M.Scuderi, CDFA

Rochester, NY

Mediation is a way to leave important issues in the hands of the people they belong. We went into this blind, but l learned all the in’s and out’s of the steps of a divorce. It only took a couple of months to work out what could have taken a lot longer. Leigh was able to see both sides and help us work through all our troubles in co-parenting.


Frankfort, NY